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19 Dec 19
As digital banking proliferates through the developed world, its adoption in emerging markets in Southeast Asia continues to lag.
8 Nov 19
As the ways and means of hiding dirty money rise, banks, MAS and law enforcement must keep up.
28 Oct 19
The FSI Innovation Day 2019 event gathered over 20 of SG’s banking elite for an afternoon of insights and knowledge sharing.
2 Sep 19
The standard meets the needs of regulators, market overseers and reporting firms that rely on unambiguous data to draw meaningful analysis.
27 Aug 19
NPL ratio has been stable at 3.9-4.0% since 2017.
6 Aug 19
Singapore's readiness for open banking scored 8.1 out 10 according to Finastra's index.
7 Jan 19
The technology can optimise processes in all levels, from reconciliation, to stress testing and payments.
25 Oct 18
SmartStream Technologies, the financial Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM®) solutions provider, announced the launch of TLM Aurora, the...
8 Oct 18
The third edition of the Singapore FinTech Festival will be held on November 12 to 16.
12 Sep 18
TGT Chibo Data Service will be an official distributor of SmartStream's solutions in China.
27 Aug 18
Task-driven automation and active alerting enable effective governance of corporate actions processing.
27 Aug 18
Financial institutions are in for a transformation as regulatory changes come in the next two years.
27 Aug 18
SmartStream addresses the challenges faced by financial institutions through a wide range of services.
12 Aug 18
Hear about the Next Generation ATM Blueprint and more at ATMIA.
18 Jun 18
“How do you achieve operational efficiency in a leaner model?” is the question banks seek to answer.
18 Apr 18
With the constantly changing technology and client behaviour, the WM sector must digitally keep up.
6 Feb 18
“Rip Van Winkle would be the ideal stock market investor,” Richard Thaler, the Nobel prize-winning behavioral economist, points out....
8 Jan 18
Major conference on AI and Sentiment Analysis in Finance, Hong Kong, 7-8 March 2018.
28 Jun 17
The new company will be called Finastra.
16 May 17
Known for its affordable stock photos and digital design assets, Inmagine Inc’s 123RF is betting big on the casual creative market with its...
3 Apr 17
Nair is one of the speakers at the 2017 Retail Banking Forum in Jakarta.
31 Mar 17
His presentation will cover the next-gen customer experience journey in payments.
10 Feb 17
Find out more about Sujatha Venkatramanan and Burak Alper.
12 Jul 16
  What solutions are rolled out in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia?
24 May 16
Are firms prepared for these?
4 May 16
Omnichannel experiences will soon become standard operating procedure.
4 May 16
Find out what challenges retail banks are facing in managing the security of their ATM fleets, as well as security strategies and programs to...
19 Feb 16
Three of the world’s biggest banks – Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Morgan ...
11 Apr 13
Islamic Banking is gaining popularity among not only Muslims but non-Muslims as well in Asia.
13 Nov 12
Infor understands that competition among enterprises is more than just tough, thus it steps in to provide innovative systems and flexible...
9 Nov 12
Check out MIT’s premier products for Asia’s trade commodity finance industry.
29 Oct 12
The level of Financial Inclusion in the APEC countries is still very low.
21 Aug 12
Find out how you can trade on the market with less time and effort yet take as much profit as experienced traders do.
3 Jan 12
So what are we looking for? 1.
31 Mar 11
Companies must not lose emails from their customers, suppliers and partners.
1 Mar 11
IT has suffered from an image problem across much of the financial services world.